We’ve built our reputation as a trusted global transportation logistics and procurement partner over many decades. The more you learn about us, the more you’ll know that we’ve earned our stellar reputation one shipment at a time. Oceanstar is an expert at guiding customers across the globe with reliable freight forwarding and intermodal transportation and sourcing services. Our supply chain management experience spans a broad range of industries–from Food to Manufacturing to Oil and Gas. In every industry, we apply the best practices we’ve developed from specializing in fragile, perishable goods to specialize in delivering everything we touch intact and on time.

Our Philosophy

At Oceanstar, we promote our VALUES as the measurement of our daily success. These values are interlinked and must be understood in unity. Our values extend internally and externally to our CUSTOMERS, PARTNERS, and SUPPLIERS.

With one value, comes all values.







Our commitment to you and to each member of our team extends to our community. Through our corporate social responsibility programs, we direct time and resources towards education with a belief that by providing individuals with the opportunity to learn, we can transform lives.

Through our internship program, we mentor and train college students from California State University, Long Beach on how to deliver excellent global transportation and sourcing services. We show them how to value and nurture a partnership network that spans the globe. We also work to provide them with practical skills and the confidence they need to be successful in their lives and perhaps, in the transportation logistics and sourcing industries. Our commitment to education doesn’t stop there. Our team is also committed to volunteering in schools and giving to the communities our clients serve.

Work with partners that care. Email or call us today at 562-283-6900.

Global Guidance. Trusted Partnership.