Cargo Insurance


Oceanstar will point you in the right direction, as your logistics provider we want to ensure you receive the best possible service in all aspects of the movement of your freight. An integral component of our services is to make sure you are aware of the need to properly insure your cargo during transit and to provide you with the competitive and comprehensive cargo insurance coverage that extends beyond the standard terms of the industry.


Safety & Risk Mitigation

Reduce your exposure to financial loss and protect yourself from the unexpected

Comprehensive Coverage

Insure against all-risk of physical loss or damage from any external cause.

About Us

Oceanstar by Seldat provides solutions that are developed, built, optimized, and delivered by a dedicated team of professionals who understand the macro and micro factors that impact the global supply chain. As a FMC licensed NVOCC with asset based solutions, we move products around the world in a safe, cost-effective manner for industry leading corporations that value service, transparency, visibility, and trust. We are your supply chain partner.

Global Guidance. Trusted Partnership.