Cold Chain Logistics

A single shipping solution does not exist for all companies. Companies need choices and flexibility around their shipping needs. Oceanstar by Seldat provides customizable logistics solutions with quality service standards to enable you to ship with confidence.

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As an asset based logistics provider with FDA certified cold storage facilities and our own drayage fleet. COOL+ offers the flexibility and array of services to support your cold chain needs to ship time sensitive goods from origin to destination with the visibility and the reassurance your cargo is in good hands.

Product Safety

Keep your temperature sensitive commodities fresh and secure with our Cool+ service.

Timely Delivery

Time sensitive shipping solutions you can count on. Ship with the confidence Cool+ provides.

End-to-End Solutions

Combine your drayage with your freight forwarder and benefit from a integrated refrigerated cargo service.


Risk Mitigation

Market leading cargo insurance solutions tailored to your shipments needs.

Supporting Services

Local Retail Distribution

Direct deliveries to your local accounts and retailers.

LTL Refrigerated Transport

Regularly schedule temperature controlled transportation service.

Optimizing And Maintaining The Cold Chain

Oceanstar by Seldat’s team of cold chain experts understand the complexities of navigating your product through the cold chain. We have built our reputation and trust with our customers as a dependable end-to-end solution provider over many decades. We are focused on continual improvement of our products and services so that we may better serve you in this increasingly complex, dynamic, global supply chain.

Integrated Cold Chain Service

Say goodbye to costly demurrage and a disjointed service by bringing your freight forwarder and drayage provider under one roof. Unlike most freight forwarders, Oceanstar by Seldat does not broker out your harbor drayage which means that we can offer the assurances you need and accountability that you deserve from a supply chain partner.


Problem solvers, next-generation thinkers, and efficiency aficionados. In a rapidly accelerating world, our cold chain team delivers a comprehensive partnership with a broad reach and depth of expertise, international footprint, and trained, diversified talent to bring supply chain success to any business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to place a booking?

To place a booking simply fill out Request A quote Form. We will need the following information.

  • Nature of the merchandise, quantity, weight
  • Place of origin and final destination
  • Type of packaging being used (crate, drum, pallet, etc)
  • Temperature of transport required (specify °C or °F)
  • Specific requirements (multi-temperature, cold treatment, etc.)
How to package my goods for optimal protection?

Must be able to:

  • Manufactured and stowed to be able to withstand repeated handling in diverse and varied environments.
  • Tolerate humidity
  • Withstand vertical pressures incurred when piling up crates
  • Allow for good air circulation to ensure optimum temperature control.
Pre-Cooling Cargo
  • It is important to note that containers are not designed to pre-cool products. Pre-cooling is a separate operation performed prior to storage or transportation that requires special equipment or cooling facilities. Refrigerated containers will maintain cargo temperatures at the PRODUCT pre-cooled level OR PRE SET TEMPERATURE LEVEL.
Pre-Trip Inspections

We aim to provide our customer with the best service and equipment to fulfill their shipping requirements. Our pre-trip inspection of every reefer container includes:

  • Ensure cleanliness of container
  • Check to ensure machinery is functioning properly
  • Make sure the container temperature is lowered to the specific temperature needed.

The Oceanstar Cool+ specialists are proud of our 100% success rate with all reefer cargo and aim to continue to provide the best customer service.

Global Guidance. Trusted Partnership.