Freight Forwarders Simplify International Shipping

May 16, 2018 | Services | 0 comments

Managing the international shipping of goods requires monitoring a number of moving parts, from arranging different methods of transport, to customs clearances to permits and documentation, as well as deciphering whether you need shipping warmers to maintain the temperature of any goods that may contain fish or plants, for example. So, in order to successfully ship goods, businesses need freight forwarders who are careful and dedicated. Freight forwarders are the key to simple and affordable international shipping.

1. International shipping is easier with a freight forwarder

Freight forwarders provide seamless, end-to-end global transport and sourcing services to make supply chain management easier. As experts in freight management and shipping solutions, freight forwarders provide services to not only assist companies currently shipping internationally, but for companies looking to expand their business for the first time.

Knowing exactly how freight forwarding works and what a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) does to facilitate shipping of goods is vital to making the best decision for every business.

2. A freight forwarder’s work starts at the very beginning

Freight forwarders handle goods every step of the process. Staying active in the handling of goods means watching the physical quality of the goods being shipped to ensure what arrives at the destination is in the same quality as when it left origin. If all goes well and a good freight forwarder does their job, the right transport and storage methods will be selected to minimize chances of damage in transit. Some freights use shipping container accessories that could help to minimize any chance of damage to products and cargo.

Freight forwarders also manage the storage of goods as they wait to be put into transit, keeping a company’s product safe. Working with a freight forwarder starts with the NVOCC taking control of the shipment, inspecting the product, and ensuring the goods are placed on a trustworthy freight vessel, truck, or plane as appropriate in a reasonable amount of time.

3. Freight forwarders negotiate freight rates for clients

Given their business is facilitating transport of goods, freight forwarders often have relationships with shipping companies that allow them to negotiate better rates for clients. In addition to ensuring goods are delivered without damage, NVOCCs ensure quality shipping service at affordable rates.

Trying to arrange the best rates without an NVOCC isn’t easy. The negotiated rates a freight forwarder can attain for clients means using a freight forwarding service saves companies money on their shipping expenses.

4. Permits and documentation are in a freight forwarder’s hands when managing shipping

The bureaucracy of international shipping takes a careful, dedicated hand to navigate for seamless shipping with no snags. Freight forwarders are experts in the legislation, practices, and required documentation for shipping a variety of goods.

With the number of required permits for different goods, not all companies may be well-versed in everything they need to ship their product without issue. Freight forwarders, however, take away the stress.

5. With comprehensive knowledge of customs procedures, freight forwarders save money

As logistics practitioners, freight forwarders know the intricacies of customs requirements for different kinds of goods going to different ports. Incorrect documentation or classification required by customs ties goods up at the border, losing companies money and reputation with buyers.

Freight forwarders avoid customs slowdowns by having the time and knowledge to ensure all documentation is completely correct.

6. By knowing what transport methods are best for each client, freight forwarders get goods moving

Freight forwarders do not simply facilitate simple movement of goods between two direct points. If an export or import needs to move over land, then sea, then land again, a freight forwarder will arrange the best transport for each leg of the journey. By knowing the best methods, a freight forwarder can decide if a client’s goods should travel by air or on a freight carrier, when, and by what routes.

7. With consolidated services, freight forwarders make the expenses of shipping simple

A company that arranges international shipping on its own deals with multiple invoices and increased accounting work. A freight forwarder, on the other hand, bills a company only once. In addition to making shipping painless and seamless, a company using a freight forwarder stands to save money by risking less mistakes and managing only one fee.

Freight forwarders are invaluable assets to any company currently engaged in or who wishes to engage in cross-border shipping. With an eye on shipments every step of the way, freight forwarders are able to take the stress and time out of doing business internationally.

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