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Why Supply Chain Visibility and Temperature Tracking Technology is becoming a must for today’s carriers.

The term ‘Supply Chain Visibility’ has somewhat become part of industry lingo, and its not just limited to one industry. But what does it actually mean? And why is it so important for your Supply Chain Management?

In short, supply chain visibility is the ability to track goods and products in transit from the manufacturers to their final destination. By making this info accessible to stakeholders and customers alike, a company’s supply chain is ultimately strengthened through increased awareness of its operations and transport. Using supply chain risk analytics & monitoring can help with keeping on top of what your business is doing and how it is functioning day to day.

SCV has become more and more important as of late due to the international nature of most businesses and the growing tendency to outsource parts of their chain supply to suppliers — when you’re getting your parts from many sources, you should have ultimate visibility of their whereabouts. Yet most businesses do not have information or data on more than one tier up or down from their own position.

But with technological advancements taking place at an unparalleled rate, enhanced data driven supply chain management is ready and waiting, affording greater visibility to supply chain processes like never before.

What advantages does more visibility of your supply chain bring to your business?

First and foremost, supply chain visibility considerably reduces the risk of mishaps and mistakes. The more information you have on your supply chain and your products’ location, the less likely it is that errors are going to occur. There will be little interruptions in your processes and your ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances will be significantly greater. Redirecting your supply for example, becomes less problematic when you are alerted of potential roadblocks as soon as they happen, or even better, before they happen.

Identifying problems and weak links in your supply chain becomes possible with increased visibility. Information transfer between internal departments and external partners, allows greater communication across the board, meaning problems are easily identified and solutions are found in a timely manner. You cannot solve problems that you do not know exist! Business communication is one of the main reasons why businesses keep afloat, you can click here and see how communication software can help businesses be ready at whatever comes their way.

Also, with a tighter view of your operations and a reduction of avoidable errors in your supply chain, your company performance and reputation will be sure to increase. People trust in businesses that can deliver (literally). Customers are likely to take their business elsewhere if you are frequently encountering problems in your supply chain management due to lack of visibility. In addition, tracking your own performance enables you to better manage your own demands and expectations. Shedding light on your processes and working in accordance with these key performance indicators only serves to strengthen the overall mechanics of your supply chain network.

Temperature tracking technology

In relation to the transportation of perishable goods, incorporating temperature tracking technology into your supply chain is essential. Technological advancements have made it possible to provide real-time, accurate temperature readings that can guarantee the shelf life of your fresh or frozen goods, reducing the risk of food commodity wastage.

Wireless sensors, gateways and software enable temperature to be tracked, monitored and logged regardless of the model of refrigerator used in transportation. By tracking temperatures in your supply chain, carriers are able to comply to more stringent regulations related to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) that are continuing to change and evolve as food regulation laws become that much tighter.

Real time temperature visibility decreases the risk for cold chain shippers while increasing volume and quality of data. Clearer communications can be established between suppliers and carriers making prediction possible. Additionally, shipping efficiency is optimized, improving business processes and in turn cutting expenses.

Ultimately, greater confidence is instilled among customers and suppliers when carriers are able to provide real-time temperature readings for their goods and products.

In the age of a thriving international food & beverage market where produce is coming from every corner of the globe, being able to successfully track and monitor your supply chain as well as accurately measure its temperature in transit, has never been more important in order to stay competitive. After shipping if you still need help with ensuring your food is at the correct temperature, you could look into a commercial HVAC company to check if your refrigeration is set to the appropriate temperature and is working correctly. People want to know as much information as possible when it comes to their supply chain — companies that can’t provide the necessary data are in danger of losing out!

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